AES Brekkie with Taeggie

Posted on Sep 26, 2015 in Upcoming Events

AES team proudly invites you to join it’s monthly Tuesday Brekkie at the Cor-house. Get together with your fellow Arcada students across the different fields of study, make new connections and be inspired. Come and enjoy your free breakfast while listening to the various guests.

The brekkie autumn will be kickstarted on Tuesday 20th of October at 8.30 AM. Our first guest speakers are going to be two co-founders, Matti Nives and Lasse Vuola, from Taeggie.

Taeggie is a next level mobile app offering a solution to the social media information overflow. Nives and Vuola are searching testers for the beta version of the app that will be officially launched in early 2016.

Come and tag along! Can’t wait to see you all!!


Get to the Facebook event here!