In 2009 a country wide student driven movement was born. Today, the movement has grown to be the largest, and the most active, student driven entrepreneurship community in Europe. Arcada Entrepreneurship Society (AES) was founded in 2013 to bring this community to Arcada. Our goal is to build an ecosystem around entrepreneurship at the school and inspire all students to cooperation and entrepreneurship. We want to encourage the students to believe in their dreams and to not be afraid of failure. We want to change the attitude towards entrepreneurship into something that’s easily accessible and that everyone could try.

Our events make no demands on the participants, all students are welcome, no matter their subject. As all our events are in English, no one is left behind.

Our focus of 2017 is more cooperation with other Entrepreneurship Societies and with Arcada.

The AES team 2017

You can reach any member of the team by e-mailing us at


Johan Björkman


Per Simberg

Vice Chairman

Joel Edström

Event Manager

Simon Halma

Community Relations Manager

Claudia Mishima

Social Media Manager