Arcada Entrepreneuship Society was founded in 2013, with the goal to build an ecosystem, which would enable every student at Arcada UAS to build their personal networks and pursue their entrepreneurial endeavors

AES connects the students with the local startups, companies and other organizations, thus:

empowering life long learning; 

introducing newest ideas and innovations;

helping to stay relevant.

We believe that entrepreneurship is a great career choice, which is accessible to everyone and does not require particular language skills or working experience.

Arcada Enrepreneurship Society is a student driven non-profit organization, situated at ARCADA - a modern and international university of applied sciences, with over 2400 students belonging to 5 educational departments

Inclusivity is important to us – in our events we speak English, because AES welcomes everybody!

AES events are always free of charge

Are you a company that wants to introduce or test a new idea, concept or product? We're here to help!